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hbbs services legal assistance

HBBS, in collaboration with our partners Pacta Legal and CSA Company, gives you highly qualified legal assistance, able to guide the company through all legal aspects.

The increasing regulatory complexity requires companies to carefully evaluate the potential legal risks. Moreover, there are always more needs of concluding commercial contracts, solving bureaucratic difficulties and legal problems. Therefore the support of specialists having a specific know-how is really fundamental: they are able to forecast risks and to find the best contractual solutions, always in line with the regulation in order to avoid any civil and legal consequences.

Contracting Activities

The knowledge of the main contractual arrangements to draw up/review agreements and the definition of the best contractual conditions play a crucial role in the business activity.
We offer judicial and extra-judicial support in the drawing up of the contracts and of the agreements in all the areas of the business activity:

  • distribution contracts
  • collaboration agreements
  • join venture
  • network contracts
  • guarantees
  • collateral arrangements
  • pledges and securities
  • escrow agreement

Debt recovery

  • We support companies in identifying more effective and efficient procedures to solve extra-judicial contractual disputes.
    We track with particular care each phase of the dispute in order to find with our customers the best solution.
  • HBBS offers legal assistance in terms of:

    • civil law
    • criminal law
    • administrative law
    • international law
    • tax law

    We are concerned with offering you clear, quick and efficient answers to any problem raised in these areas.

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