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The increasing complexity of the HPC market requires major financial operations and new partnerships between companies.

HBBS is the qualified partner which supports you in these operations.

We are your foothold in merger and acquisition processes: we give you a precious support in the selection of possible companies to be acquired or in the development of new partnerships.

Business and Management services are the flagship of HBBS.

Among the major advantages conferred by the merger and acquisition processes, we find the upstream and downstream integration, the achievement of a proper dimensional scale, the risk reduction and the presence in new markets through already operating companies.
However, these processes are long and complex, requiring the best investment decisions in order to achieve the desired results.

For this reason, we support companies in deciding where to invest and where to transfer; we collaborate with their team to take the best investment decisions.

To maximise the exit value, company divestment programmes should be well planned and projected.

We help companies in maximising this value in all the process steps, evaluating the best price divestment operations as part of the business strategy, training companies to that process and giving settlement support during the entire procedure.

In most of cases, since the malpractice shown in the development of the first strategical phase, partnerships bring to negative results fo the company.

For this reason, we focus on the right initial setting of company operations, assuring that to our customer. HBBS can help you in all the processes for the assessment of a new joint venture, giving support during the development of the strategy, as the choice of the partner and the as operational implementation.

Often CEO understand that their strategies could be out of date compared to the new market requirements and to competitors, making necessary a change in order to develop new projects. However, the loss of time, resources and expertises make the temporary managment one of the preferred model.

HBBS gives you support during the most critical steps of your company life. Specialists with deep expertises will take care of the managment of your company, taking managing responsibilities, organisational and decisional powers, for the time necessary in defining and concluding a project or an activity:

  • opening of new markets
  • speeding-up of the development
  • insertion/coaching in the perspective of company succession
  • launch of new ideas, projects, products or services
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